Unleash Email Marketing Into Your Portrait Photography Business

You do many things and have a lot to share. But when you try to say everything in one website, your visitors aren't hearing anything. This is why major brands have been using automated email marketing in addition to their website for years.

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Book new clients using automated email marketing

Use a sign-up form to prompt your website visitors to subscribe to your content. Use our library to grab a starting point, giving you all the tools and content needed to start email marketing now.

With various options, you can embed a sign-up form easilu into your website. Check out a demo below:

Collect Email Addresses

Don't rely on rented social platforms. Build and nurture your email list today with StickyEmail.

Build Trust by Sharing Knowledge

You're the expert. Sharing educational materials that your key target audiences are interested in naturally builds trust.

Book Clients That Love You

Delivering email content to your key target audiences lets you build an client base that is ideal for you.

Stop staring at a blank screen wondering what to write

It's much easier to be an editor than an author. So we partnered with some of the best marketers in our industry, and have a full library of email sequence scripts in each portrait niche.

Getting started with email marketing has never been this easy

We built StickyEmail specifically for portrait photographers, focusing on your workflows and needs. Dive in today and explore our intuitive process for getting you tackling email marketing today.

Step 1

Choose a starting place with a pre-written sequence

Choose from our library of pre-written email nurturing sequences, inject a little bit of your own personality, and add your own signature.

Step 2

Add email sign-up forms to your own website

Simply copy and paste our snippet into your website. Don't worry, we have step-by-step videos that show you exactly where to do it in your existing website provider, so you can get it live today.

Step 3

Watch it work for you

Now your website is turning traffic into leads, and your automatic nurturing emails are turning more leads into booked clients. You can monitor the whole process in your dashboard.

We've helped hundreds of photographers implement email marketing in their business.

All the features you need to succeed

We honed in on the challenges photographers face when booking clients with online marketing tactics.

Email Sequences
Content Library

Gain access to our content library, which houses lots of pre-written email sequences that you can customize and implement today.

Content by Niches

Our content library has pre-written scripts for: Seniors, Wedding, Engagement, Family, Newborn, Pet, & Headshot photographers.

Custom Email Signatures

Customize each email with an email signature.

Build your own Email Sequence

Create your own email sequence.

Collecting Email Addresses
Simple Forms

Embed a form directly on your page.


Add a panel to the bottom corner of your website that appears after a short time, prompting website visitors to subscribe.

Exit Pop-ups

Show an exit popup on your site. If we detect the website visitor may be leaving, our system will show the popup as one last attempt to capture your website visitor's attention.

Add to your website

Our embeds work on most contemporary platforms. We support Squarespace, Wordpress, The New StickyAlbums, and StickyFolios.

Create as many embeds as you need

Each embed comes with a headline and content. Create multiple embed codes to place in different places.

Managing Subscribers
Subscriber Activity

Some email systems allow us to track more information than others. If we can, we'll show you everything your subscriber has seen, and report on whether individual emails have been delivered and opened.

Conversion Dashboard

See your live sign-up stats (how many website visitors you have to how many opt-ins). Measure them against industry standards.

Download CSV

Export your list of subscribers in a CSV to use in other platforms.

Create & Manage Newsletters

Create and manage multiple newsletters for your photography niches. Easily send out broadcast emails to your list and keep them up to date on your offerings.

Newsletter Invitations

Automatically promote your newsletter(s) on any email sequence of your choice. The last email we send invites your sequence subscriber to join your newsletter, building your list.

Embed Newsletter Sign-Up Forms On Your Site

Embed your newsletter sign-up form on most major platforms easily.

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