Unleash the Power of Landing Pages

for Portrait Photographers

Sticky is a suite of intuitive marketing tools for creating and maintaining marketing funnels that build personal connections with your website and social media traffic.

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Landing Pages for the Modern Photographer

StickyFolios is a Suite of Landing Pages that helps photographers market themselves.

Custom Landing Pages, Optimized for Portrait Photographers


Your Digital Business Card

Get the credit you deserve. Each StickyAlbum includes your branding, contact information, and social media information. As your clients share their images, watch the referrals come in by setting up a tap-to-dial or tap-to-email button.

Beautiful Galleries

Bold Galleries That Show Off Your Best Images

Each StickyAlbum features a beautiful lightbox gallery which are optimized to look great any device, from mobile to desktop.


Easy to Share and Easy to Make

Each StickyAlbum has a URL and can easily be shared through social media, email and text SMS. Our builder is blazing fast and simple to use. If you can upload pictures to Facebook, you can quickly build a StickyAlbum.

Custom App Icon

Put Your Client's Face on their Own App

Delight your clients by creating them an app featuring a photo from the session. It becomes an instant conversation starter, inspiring your clients to show it off to everyone they know.

Studio Management Forms

Embed a Contact Form from Your Studio Management Software

Streamline your client intake by embedding a studio sign-up form. This allows your visitors to input their information to feed into your Management Software.

Design Styles

We've Covered the Design. Three Gorgeous, Contemporary Styles to Choose From.

StickyFolios Landing Pages are designed with contemporary aeshetics in mind. Don't get bogged down with design decisions. With three unique styles to choose from, you can quickly change the overall design voice of your landing pages.

Your Brand

Customize Button Colors & Typefaces

StickyFolios has tools to help you customize the design voice of your apps, giving your landing pages a custom, branded feel.

Hear from our users

You guys make it so easy to market & present my business in a professional way... and quickly!

Jen Rozenbaum

We've been using the landing page template to build new business & generate new leads.

Michael Anthony

It allows us to offer great products to our portrait clients that makes it seems like we are on top of our game in technology.

Lacy Davallier

I Love Love LOVE StickyFolios! I've been using StickyFolios for 6 months now and it's made my life so much easier... It automates everything!

Michelle Simmons

Full Feature List

Landing Page Features
Built for Speed

Each landing page is optimized for mobile and designed/developed for speed.

Contextual Editing

Using the builder, update content live on-page.

Contemporary Design

Streamlined, clean, & fresh; The design meshes beautifully with any brand.

SEO & Page Data

Provide key details to boost your Search Engine Score.

Customizable Galleries

Change the look and feel of your galleries.

Save to Your Phone

Enable this and visitors can download the Landing Page to their mobile device.

Capture Leads

Use a simple lead capture form, or hook up to your studio software to collect leads.

Landing Page Types

A gallery to deliver to a client filled with their favorite images.

Landing Page

A Landing Page that pitches your product/service.

Lead Magnet

Offer an educational guide that promotes your expertise.

Pricing Guide

Create & share your online pricing in an easy and intuitive format.


Create a marketing page that promotes a Mini-Session Day.

Short Landing Page

Create a quick, and dead-simple short Landing Page.

Wedding Website

Wedding websites you can sell to your portrait photography clients.

Business Card

Simple landing pages that allow photographers to create custom portfolios for sharing.

Instagram Jump Page

A landing page that links out to various pages. Useful for posting more than one link on instagram.

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